What the Heck was that??

Today was a very normal day, I woke up at 645 am got up let bella out made me a cup of coffee let bella back in, watched the news as I got ready for work. Left the house around 730 stopped to get breakfest and headed to work. spent the frist half hour to hour talking to my co-worker and then took out my laptop and procceeded to check emails and facebook. Everything was normal until around 2 o’clock this afternoon……. Can you say EARTHQUAKE… that’s right I said an earthquake, right here in little ol’ Delaware. Never in my life have I ever experienced such a rummble.. Might I add that some may think it was a little rummble but for me who has never experienced such a thing it seem to last longer than the minute that it did.

 I really thought there was something wrong with me. I began to feel dizzy and light headed sort of like a head rush and I was rocking back and forth I then look up at the window and the blinds were moving and the fish tank that is in my scalehouse was moving; water just a rippling. I then look at my co worker and said “lisa, the scalehouse is moving” she said ” I was just gunna say that” I then called our other facility and was informed that we were having an earthquake. WHAT THE HECK! The whole building was moving.

So, what really makes the ground shake like that? I’m not really sure as I am not a scientist, but I’m hoping that we have no aftershocks!!!!!! This is why I DON”T live in California… To some this was nothing, but to others who have never experienced anything like this was nerve racking.   

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August 17,2011

Today is August 17, 2011. After talking to a co-worker today and reading her blogs I have decided to try and blog about myself and whatever is happening that day or what’s on my mind at any particular moment. I am not really that good at writing esspecially about myself. I guess it’s kinda like keeping a journal. I am gunna try and give it a try and see how it goes. WordPress is all new to me so I am still learning the ropes around this, so you’ll have to excuse any mistakes that I may make when learning all of this. Computers to me were just used to surf the net and play games. Then MySpace came along I made new friends and found friends from long long ago. After myspace became over run with teenagers including my daughter I found facebook and got hooked. I am on that site all day long sometimes talking, keeping in touch with friends and playing games. It’s crazy how you can get hooked on playing games on facebook as well it’s almost like having a second job; send gifts, except gifts not to mention planting and harvesting crops god forbid you forget someones farm or city. I have come to realize that I don’t need a second job esspecially one that I dont get paid for doing…… LoL… I have been with facebook for years and is starting to get old. I only use it now when i want or need to get ahold of someone or send a message. More people check thier page more then an email these days so why bother to have an email just send a message through facebook. Well beings this is my first post I’ll tell you a little about me. I am 39 (wow typing that out and loking at the numbers makes me feel old). I am a single mother of a 18 year old who will be starting college in a few weeks, now if seeing my age doesn’t make me feel old having a daughter in college does… I have been in a relationship with my better half for the past 9 years his name is Maurice Love this man to death. This is becuas is is never home.. hahhaha he is a OTR truck driver and is home 2 days week. I think that’s why it works for us. I couldn’t have landed a better man then him. I Love you baby!! I attend the University of Phoenix and will be graduating February 2012 majoring in Business. Hoping to own my own business. I would like to open a sports bar with my brother. Guess this would be a great time to mention that I have a brother, his name is Justin and he is my little brother well not so litte but he is younger than me. He is not married and has no kids.. Yep you guessed it My daughter is the only grandchild and is very very spoiled by my parents… 😦 I can’t leave this blog with out talking about my parents. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Collins. I couldn’t have asked for better. They have been there for me through all my ups and downs, just when I didn’t think I could do something I had my parents there to tell me I could do anything I put my mind to. I LOVE YOU!! 🙂 well that’s all for now, till next time… lata gata…..

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